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Armchair Brakeman

I have always loved watching and riding trains. Growing up in Detroit, Michigan exposed me to the noisy, dirty, gritty side of trains. These trains of my childhood ceaselessly fed the industry of a huge mid-western city, and carried passengers from all corners of the country to the Michigan Central Depot. I loved the sights and sounds of trains as a kid and my passion has only intensified as I have aged.  

Yes, it is true that Europe represents the pinnacle of train travel today, and China, India and even Cuba are well known for clinging to their grimy yet reliable steam engines, but for those who love trains and live in the United States, there are still train trips and rail lines to satisfy the inner-brakeman in all of us.

Many train lovers in the United States feel as though they were born a century too late – I have decided to concentrate on all that is still wonderful about trains in the United States and Canada. I have traveled across the country and through much of Canada by rail and I still find myself longing for that next trip and waiting for that whistle to blow.     

It was with this backdrop that I decided to start a web site that might help other train travelers find interesting rail trips in North America. Some of this information is not easy to find, and not in one place, and certainly not with the first-hand stories and pictures that I will give you. It is my hope that this web site of train data coupled with my personal experiences might help others decide to plan a train trip and start to enjoy travel again.

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Detroit rail yards

Detroit Central
Michigan Central today

tracks from behind the train
The tracks behind the train