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Metro North Railway
New Haven Line

The Metropolitan Transit Authority of New York State consists of three railroads: Metro North Railway, The Long Island Railway, and the Staten Island Railway.

Metro North Railway - New Haven Line

The Metro North railway consists of five main lines with 775 miles of track and a total rider ship of over 80 million. The railroad primarily travels in New York State but also takes passengers North into two counties of the state of Connecticut.

The New Haven Line has three branches. The New Canaan, the Danbury, and the Waterbury.  The New Haven line operates out of New York City, Grand Central Terminal. The New Canaan branch is 41.2 miles from Grand Central Terminal. The Danbury Branch is 64.9 miles from Grand Central Terminal. The Waterbury branch is 87.5 miles from Grand Central Terminal, and New Haven is 72.3 miles from Grand Central Terminal. Tickets are available from the main ticket windows as well as from considerably less crowded Metro North ticket machines.

I have rode on the New Haven line to visit my niece in New Canaan and to visit my son in New Haven.  (home of Yale University.)  The trains are comfortable and not crowded. I did travel off peak and that probably made a difference. You can tell that this railroad is mostly for commuters going to and from New York City. There are no sleeper cars, and no dining car or food of any kind on board (though there are food venders at the edge of the tracks at Grand Central Station, and a few good restaurants elswhere in the terminal). The seats on the train are not adjustable, though fairly comfortable. The passengers are predominately the type you would see going to work and not traveling long distances. Cell phone usage and loud conversations are quite the norm.

The trip from New York City (Grand Central) to New Haven takes about two hours and is a pleasant trip through the small cities of lower Connecticut. The further the train gets from New York, the less crowded and more quite the ride becomes.

Trains leave Grand Central every half hour during peak times and every hour off-peak.

Metro North is generally much cheaper than Amtrak.

Grand Central Terminal to New Canaan                      
$12.25 (Peak, one way)
This is the furthest you can travel on the New Canaan Branch. There are no connecting services from New Canaan.  

Grand Central Terminal to Danbury                              
$14.25 (Peak, one way)
This is the furthest you can travel on the Danbury Branch. The Housatonic Area Regional Transit (HART) offers local bus and trolley service in Bethel, Brookfield, Danbury and New Milford. (

Grand Central Terminal to Waterbury              
$16.50 (Peak, one way)
This is the furthest you can travel on the Waterbury Branch. The CT Transit Waterbury offers connecting bus service. (

Grand Central Terminal to New Haven            
$18.50 (Peak, one way)
This is the furthest you can travel on the New Haven Line. Connecting Bus service is offered by CT Transit New Haven. ( Connecting Train service to New London is offered by Shore Line East Railroad. ( Connecting service can also be made to Amtrak. (

The total Metro-North Railroad has 120 stations and the hours of operation are almost 24 hours a day. (1-800-638-7646)  (








MTA New Canaan
Metro North - New Canaan

New Haven Station
New Haven's Union Station