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Ontario GO TRAIN

The Go Train (GO) is Ontario’s only interregional public transit system. It carries approximately 55 million passengers a year. GO runs 181 train trips daily carrying 170,000 passengers. About 96% of the train rider ship is to and from Union Station in Toronto, Ontario.

There are seven lines in the system: Lake Shore West, Lake Shore East, Milton, Georgetown, Barrie, Richmond Hill, and Stouffville. There are 59 stations that serve a population of six million over 8,000 square kilometers. The fleet size is 38 (train sets) with 58 locomotives, and 435 bi level passenger rail cars.

At peak rush hour periods, across all seven lines, train service is available at all stations. In the weekday off periods, trains run only on the Lakeshore between Oshawa in the east and Aldershot in the west, and on the Georgetown line between Union Station in the east and Bramalea in the northwest. On weekends, trains only run between Oshawa in the east and Aldershot in the west. For more scheduling see: or call GO Transit at 416-869-3200. See individual lines for pricing.

Union Station in downtown Toronto is the hub of the Go Transit system. It is also the station for VIA RAIL .  The hall where passengers purchase tickets is connected to an underground of walkways and shopping malls. This is called the PATH system http://toronto path system It is large, and in the winter it is quite comfortable even when the weather outside is very cold.

The Toronto Transit Commission http://toronto transit commision TTC subway and bus network along with the GO Trains and the VIA intercity trains have made Union Station the busiest travel center in Canada.

The entire Union Station complex is accessible to passengers who use mobility devices.

Union Station
65 Front Street West
Toronto Ontario
M5J 1E6, Canada
Phone 416-869-3200
Toll free 1-888-438-6646



Go Train arriving in Toronto

Pulling into the station

A cold Bramalee Station

Notice the double decks