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Strasburg Railroad

After visiting our son in Delaware we decided to drive home by way of Pennsylvania and stop at the Strasburg Railroad just outside of Lancaster. The Strasburg Railroad is America’s oldest short line railroad. The route of the train takes you through some interesting Amish farmland. We came at lunch time and took the dining car. The food was very tasty and it was nice eating on the train.

The ticket prices for the train ride are as follows:

                                Infant                          Child                       Adult
                                (under 3)                     (3-11)

Regular train

First Class           $7.00                    $13.00             $19.00

Dining Car           $2.00                    $8.00               $14.00    
Food is separate                                                                                                 
Open Air             $2.00                    $8.00               $14.00

Coach Car                                       $6.00               $12.00

All Day Pass                                    $15.00              $20.00

Other Passes & Tours  & Schedules Ph 717-687-8421.

As an added attraction, across the street from the railroad station is the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania  This is a large museum with over a hundred locomotives and rail cars. If you go for a ride on the train you have to cross the street and spend an hour at the museum.

The ticket prices for the museum are as follows:

Adults             Seniors            Youth                  Child
18-59               60+                6-17                 5 under
$8.00               $7.00              $6.00                  Free
More info Ph 717 687 8628




Taking on water in Strasburg


Peggy in the dining car, Strasburg RR

Outside the Museum, Strasburg

Outside the Museum, Strasburg